LibertyCon will feature discussions on some of the most hotly-contested
and important topics facing the cause of human freedom today.


Justin Amash

Former Congressman

Enes Kanter Freedom

Activist NBA player

John Mackey

Whole Foods Co-Founder & CEO


Media Personality

Spike Cohen

2020 Libertarian Party candidate for Vice President

Jo Jorgensen

Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee

Rep. Nancy Mace




Katherine Mangu-Ward

Editor in Chief, Reason

Matt Welch

Editor at Large, Reason

Stephen Kent

Writer, libertarian Media Personality

Dr. Wolf von Laer

Students For Liberty, CEO

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

Founder & President, Ideas Beyond Borders

Warren Rhea

Media Personality

Robby Soave

Senior Editor, Reason

Antony Davies


Christina Dent

Founder & President of End It For Good

Hannah Cox

Libertarian-conservative Writer, Activist, and Commentator

Melissa Chen

Ideas Beyond Borders

Aaron Ross Powell

ReImagining Liberty

Martha Bueno

Entrepreneur & Activist

Joe Walsh

Former Republican Congressman from Illinois

Michael F. Cannon

Cato Institute

Ford Fischer


Rob Tracinski

Editor of Symposium

Jon Farina

Photo and Video journalist

Peter St. Onge

The Heritage Foundation

Dr. Rainer Zitelmann

Historian, Author

Dr. James W. Lark III


Zilvinas Silenas

President of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

Sloane Frost

Students For Liberty co-founder

Kat Murti

Feminists for Liberty, Executive Director

Salomé Sibonex


Lyn Ulbricht

Political Activist

Patrick Reasonover

Just Add Firewater

Li Zhao Schoolland

Acton Institute

Tetiana Rak

Ukrainian Journalist & Activist

Duane Lester

Grassroots Leadership Academy

Christian Britschgi


Daniel Di Martino

Dissident Project



Our programs will see speakers addressing pressing issues such as:

Stay tuned for our finalized programming and speaker updates.

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