Feb. 2


Independence Level
5:00 PM
Registration Opens + Happy Hour
7:00 PM
Welcome to LibertyCon
Emcee Robby Soave
7:05 PM
Opening Remarks
Dr. Wolf von Laer
7:15 PM
Central Bank Digital Currencies: Financial Convenience or Orwellian Nightmare?
Dr. Wolf von Laer, Robert Breedlove, Stephan Livera, Peter St. Onge
7:50 PM
Don't Fear Inequality - Understand and Embrace It
Antony Davies
8:10 PM
The Rise of Illiberalism in the Shadow of Liberal Triumph
David Boaz
8:25 PM
The Awkward and Uncomfortable Problem With National Conservativism
Aaron Ross Powell, Heath Mayo, Joe Walsh, Nick Gillespie
9:00 PM
(True) Liberalism Caused the Great Enrichment
Deirdre McCloskey
9:30 PM
LibertyCon Social
1:00 PM
Pre-Conference: The Climate & Freedom Accord Workshop: Help Design an Int’l Free Market Climate Agreement
Rod Richardson, Agata Stremecka, Juan Pablo Chamón Saucedo, Rob Armstrong, Reem Ibrahim
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Feb. 3


9:05 AM
Is Globalization Worth Defending?
Bryan Caplan, Deirdre McCloskey, Jo Jorgensen
9:35 AM
Meet the Fearless Middle Schooler Who Challenged Authority and Won
Connor Boyack, Jaiden Hope
10:00 AM - 11:55 AM
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12:00 PM
Lunch Break
1:30 PM
Protecting the Rights to Bodily Autonomy
Compassion and Choices - Kim Callinan
1:50 PM
The Rise of Political Violence: Is There An End In Sight, Or Will It Only Get Worse?
Ford Fischer, Joe Walsh, Jon Hersey, Nick Gillespie
2:15 PM
The New Int’l Think Tank Collaboration on Climate & Freedom
Rod Richardson
2:40 PM - 4:30 PM
Check the breakout sessions
4:40 PM
The Cost of Compliance: Do Regulatory Barriers Have A Place In Capitalism?
Dr. Wolf von Laer, John Mackey, Rick Rule
5:05 PM
Challenges of Journalism: Finding Truth In A Sea Of Opinion and Misinformation
Katherine Mangu-Ward, Emily Austin, Dylan Burns, Ford Fischer, David Preston
5:40 PM
Human Respect: the Key to Victory
Spike Cohen
6:00 PM
7:15 PM
2024 Students For Liberty Awards
Breakout Sessions
Salon A
10:00 AM
Keeping our Competitive Edge: The Essential Role of Immigrants and International Students
FWD - Ali Procopio, Jaime Rengal
10:40 AM
EconoPop Odyssey: Exploring Liberty, Culture, and Economics in Unexpected Places
FEE - Daphne Posadas
11:20 AM
Enlightened Self-Interest: The Neglected Case for Liberty
Atlas Society - Robert Tracinski
Salon B
10:00 AM
Don't Steal, the Government Hates Competition: How We Can End Civil Asset Forfeiture
David Preston, Spike Cohen, Topher Field, Kat Murti
10:40 AM
NIMBYs vs. Backyard Pools
Stephen Kent, Joshua Bandoch, Bryan Caplan, David Preston
11:20 AM
Section 230 and the Defense of Free Speech
Jessica Melugin, Ford Fischer, Connor Boyack, Topher Field
Salon C
10:00 AM
Backstage Insights
Students For Liberty
10:40 AM
Top Students, Top Stories
Students For Liberty - Adolpho Mauricio Urquizo Gonzales
11:20 AM
North American Students: Why Students For Liberty?
Students For Liberty - Nick Fisher
Salon D
10:00 AM
Why Libertarians are Losing, and How Can They Win Instead With Bitcoin
Stephan Livera, Robert Breedlove, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, Jorge Jraissati
10:40 AM
Why Do Civilized Societies Still Have A Death Penalty?
Demtrius Minor, Spike Cohen, Joe Walsh, Kat Murti
11:20 AM
To What Extent, If Any, Should the US Involve Themselves In The Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Stephen Kent, Heath Mayo, Joe Walsh, Dylan Burns
Salon A
12:30 PM
LUNCH: Careers in Public Interest Litigation
Pacific Legal - Rachel Swaffer, Joe Luppino-Esposito, David Deerson
Salon B
12:30 PM
Lunch & Learn: Crafting a Strong Application to the Cato Internship Program
Cato Institute - Conor Fogarty
Salon C
12:30 PM
Local Coordinator Lunch
Students For Liberty
Salon D
12:30 PM
How to Create a Society of Human Respect Through Insight Discussions
Harmony and Prosperity - Jamie Karagatsoulis
2:40 - 4:30 PM SESSIONS
Salon A
2:40 PM
Climate & Freedom Go Together: How to Flip the Script and Save the Planet
Grace Richardson Fund - Rod Richardson, Agata Stremecka, Juan Pablo Chamón Saucedo, Rob Armstrong
3:20 PM
From Clicks to Convos: The Art of Holistic Advocacy
FEE - Cait Dexter
4:00 PM
Against Game of Thrones Politics
Reason - Stephanie Slade
Salon B
2:40 PM
Homeowners Don’t Know What They Don’t Know: Deregulating Housin
Bryan Caplan, Luca Gattoni-Celli, Joshua Bandoch, Tony Lopes
3:20 PM
Maximize Your Personal Freedom Through Health and Wellness
Spike Cohen, John Mackey
4:00 PM
Why Libertarians Take Sociology Seriously
Cato - Paul Meany
Salon C
2:40 PM
The Leaders of the Future, Today: How To Overcome Local Challenges to Achieve Global Impact
Students For Liberty - Andre Freo
3:20 PM
Leadership for Freedom
Students For Liberty - Jorge Jraissati, Kaycee Ikeonu, Ivette Cano, Fabio Ostermann
4:00 PM
Organizing A Mass Uprising
Action For Liberty - Dale Woolridge
Salon D
2:40 PM
Unlocking the Causes Behind, and Potential Solutions To, the Student Loan Crisis
Emily Austin, Peter St. Onge, Jim Lark, Jo Jorgensen
3:20 PM
Taking Your Job and Doing It Better Than You: Should AI Be Regulated?
Jessica Melugin, Bryan Caplan, Connor Boyack, Tony Lopes
4:00 PM
Liberty's Dilemma: Fusionism, Culture Wars, and Conflicting Principles
Aaron Ross Powell, Kat Murti, Topher Field, Luca Gattoni-Celli

Feb. 4


9:30 AM
Stop Resisting and Comply With the Law: It's Time We Ended Qualified Immunity
Shoshana Weissmann, Spike Cohen, David Preston, Jim Lark
10:00 AM
DEBATE: Will a National Divorce lead to more individual liberty?
Jason Russell, Ryan McMaken, Jonathan Casey
10:45 AM
Don’t Be A Control Freak: Understanding the Star Wars Pro-Liberty Message
Stephen Kent
11:00 AM
Occupational Licensing: Begging the Government to Let You Do Your Job
Shoshana Weissmann, Jo Jorgensen, Emma Camp, Tony Lopes
11:30 AM
Fireside Chat with Justin Amash
Nick Gillespie, Justin Amash
12:00 PM
Closing Remarks
Robby Soave
Salon A
10:30 AM
Invitation Only: Fighting Oppression through BTC
Alumni For Liberty - Jorge Jraisatti, Drew Armstrong, Frank Corva, Rafael Cordon


John Stossel


John Mackey

Co-Founder and former CEO of Whole Foods Market

Deidre McCloskey

Distinguished Professor

Justin Amash

Former Congressman

Emily Austin

American TV Personality

Katherine Mangu-Ward

Editor in Chief, Reason

Nick Gillespie

Editor-At-Large, Reason Magazine

Robby Soave

Senior Editor, Reason

Antony Davies


Stephan Livera

Stephan Livera Podcast

Dr. Wolf von Laer

Students For Liberty, CEO

Robert Breedlove

"What is Money?" Show Host

Bryan Caplan

Economist, George Mason University

Spike Cohen

Founder & President of You Are The Power

Jo Jorgensen

People For Liberty, 2020 Libertarian Candidate for President

Joe Walsh

Former Republican Congressman from Illinois

Connor Boyack

Author of The Tuttle Twins

Stephanie Slade

Senior Editor, Reason Magazine

Stephen Kent

Political Writer and Commentator

Demetrius Minor

Radio and TV Personality

Rod Richardson

President of the Grace Richardson Fund

Rick Rule

Founder of Rule Classroom

Aaron Ross Powell

Host of the ReImagining Liberty and Reactionary Minds podcasts

Dylan Burns

Political Organizer

Peter St. Onge

The Heritage Foundation

Emma Camp

Assistant Editor, Reason Magazine

David Boaz

Distinguished senior fellow of the Cato Institute

Shoshana Weissmann

Social media influencer and debater

Dr. James W. Lark III

Chair of the Association of Libertarian Educators

Ford Fischer

Editor-in-Chief of News2Share

Kat Murti

Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Executive Director

Rob Tracinski

Senior Fellow at the Atlas Society

Heath Mayo

Founder of Principles First

Topher Field

Host, Aussie Wire News

David Preston

Journalist and Entrepreneur

Joe Luppino-Esposito

Deputy Legal Policy Director, Pacific Legal Foundation

Josh Bandoch

Head of Policy at Illinois Policy Institute

Kim Callinan

President and CEO, Compassion & Choices

David Deerson

Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation

Jessica Melugin

Director of Tech and Innovation at Competitive Enterprise Institute

Paul Meany

Ancient and Medieval Historian

Luca Gattoni-Celli

Founder of YIMBYs in Northern Virginia

Conor Fogerty

Manager of Educational Programs at Cato Institute

Jonathan Casey

Chair of the Libertarian Party Classical Liberal Caucus

Tony Lopes

CEO of Dirty Boots Capital

Agata Stremecka

Four Reasons Foundation, CEO

Political Scientist

Robert Armstrong


Ali Procopio

Director of Education and Workforce, FWD.us

Ryan McMaken

Executive Editor, Mises Institute

Dale Woolridge

Founder, Action For Liberty

Jaime Rangel

Regional Government Relations Director, FWD.us

Daphne Posadas

Project Manager, FEE en Español

Rachel Swaffer

Outreach Director, Pacific Legal Foundation

Andre Freo

Director of Prometheus Programs, Students For Liberty

Cait Dexter

External Relations Associate, FEE

Lyudmyla Kozlovska

Bitcoin advocate & human rights defender