LibertyCon International Mailist

What is libertycon?

LibertyCon is the largest pro-liberty gathering in the world. The yearly conference organized by Students For Liberty brings together elite pro-liberty leaders from every inhabited content into one place to strategize, network, and share insights on their fights for liberty across the globe.

Who is LibertyCon for?

LibertyCon is the place for any individual who is passionate about Liberty. If you value individual liberty and limited government and want to play an active role in furthering classically liberal ideals, LibertyCon is for you.

Why should I attend LibertyCon?

By attending, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to connect with a global community of like-minded individuals, including students, influential figures, and passionate activists. In other words, you will learn directly from those who are leading the charge in the fight for a freer future. Expect to make new friendships, explore new projects, and embody a whole new vision of what liberty is all about.


Expand Your Horizons

Deepen your understanding of liberty-oriented concepts through dynamic keynotes, debates, and breakout sessions. Forge connections with peers who share your passion, as well as leading thinkers and scholars in the field.

Community Building

Engage in social events designed to foster lasting friendships and professional relationships within the liberty community..

Personal Development

Discover transformative opportunities within our network of thought leaders, academics, students, and partner organizations.


Meet directly with major liberty think tanks, non-profits, and businesses in our exhibit hall. Connect and network with organizations on the front lines of the fight for liberty.


Join the front line in the defense of free speech. Discuss the threats to free expression, the threats posed by government censorship, and the importance of defending the rights of all — including those we disagree with.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of free-market capitalism as a system to lift people out of poverty and enrich the world. Explore its principles, benefits, and the adverse effects of government intervention in markets.


Join the defense of a political system centered around the consent of the governed. Understand threats to democratic institutions, how to make democracy more representative, and how to fight back against authoritarianism.


Discover the importance of freedom of movement in the context of personal liberty. Discuss actual solutions that address the root of today’s immigration crisis.


Fight back against the drug war and out-of-control policing. Understand the real cost of prohibition and the harm it causes to communities across the world.


Investigate innovative free-market solutions to address environmental concerns while preserving individual rights and economic freedom. Explore strategies that empower individuals and the private sector to tackle climate challenges.


See what happened at libertycon 2024

The last LibertyCon International in 2024 welcomed over 900 participants from over 50 different countries. The event featured more than 40 speakers from politics, journalism, academia, and business, representing every ideological camp of the pro-liberty movement.