MCLEAN, VA., October 10, 2022 – The staff from Students For Liberty have begun arriving in Miami this week in preparation for their flagship event LibertyCon International 2022, which takes place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel this weekend on October 14-15. The lineup at this year’s LibertyCon include professors, economists, journalists, current and former members of Congress, podcasters, social media influencers, hip hop artists, and even an NBA star, who are coming together to share ideas on how individual liberty and free-market principles can make the world a better place.

Students For Liberty CEO Dr. Wolf von Laer is “excited to be in Miami to see the faces of SFL students, many I have never met before in person, and to see others that I haven’t seen since our previous events in Madrid, São Paulo, or Prague. This weekend is going to be amazing on so many levels, from the great discussions and presentations taking place, to the friendships that we build by being together and talking with each other.” 

Spike Cohen, the 2020 Libertarian candidate for VP and first millennial on the ballot in all fifty states, is in Miami all week promoting the conference. “I’ve been talking with Miami business owners and entrepreneurs about the challenges they face; the over-regulation, the burdensome red tape that they have to go through just to run their businesses.” Cohen continued, “Government is basically punishing small business for trying to compete with big business. Removing a lot of these obstacles, the protectionist rules, the occupational licensing, can really go a long way to boosting small business and helping the local economy grow, and this is exactly what Students For Liberty and the discussions at LibertyCon this weekend are all about.”

Friday night’s lineup at LibertyCon includes a debate featuring former Congressman Joe Walsh, and a one-on-one discussion with former Congressman, and first ever declared Libertarian member of Congress, Justin Amash. 

Saturday’s all-day lineup features a debate between streaming pioneer and famed debater Steven Bonnell aka Destiny and 2020 Libertarian VP candidate Spike Cohen, and a conversation with Congresswoman Nancy Mace on why legalization of cannabis is long overdue in this country. 

The evening features a sit-down interview on the mainstage with NBA star and human rights activist Enes Kanter Freedom conducted by editor-at-large for Reason Magazine Matt Welch. 

Many notable speakers from multiple groups and diverse backgrounds across the globe will also be taking part in the conference throughout the weekend both on the main stage and in the more intimate breakout room sessions. These presenters include:

  • Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey
  • Reason magazine Editor-in-Chief Katherine Mangu-Ward
  • Economics Professor Antony Davies
  • 2020 Libertarian candidate for president Jo Jorgensen
  • Cato Institute Director of Health Policy Michael Cannon
  • Founder of and author Aaron Ross Powell
  • Political commentator and podcast host Hannah Cox
  • Independent journalist and filmmaker Ford Fischer
  • Entrepreneur and political activist Martha Bueno
  • President of Foundation for Economic Education Zilvinas Silenas
  • Economist and Venezuelean socialism critic Daniel Di Martino
  • Drug policy reform activist Christina Dent
  • Social media influencer and political commentator Warren Rhea
  • Independent journalist and documentarian Jon Farina
  • Journalist and Co-founder of Ideas Beyond Borders Melissa Chen

Entrepreneur, political activist, and elected local official in Miami, Martha Bueno will be the host for LibertyCon International throughout the weekend. Registration can be found at where you can see these great presenters and more.

Media passes are available to any journalists and media outlets that request them. Please visit to register for your media passes now.

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Students For Liberty
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