MCLEAN, VA., October 19, 2022 – 2020 Vice Presidential candidate and first millennial to be on the ballot in all fifty states Spike Cohen joined in a debate this past Saturday afternoon with famed YouTuber and streaming pioneer Steven Bonnell II aka Destiny at the Students For Liberty flagship event of the year LibertyCon International in Miami.

The debate focused on whether libertarian philosophy is capable of handling 21st century issues, with Destiny leaning into his left-wing political edge claiming it is not, and Cohen defending the ideology with his usual flare that has landed him on prime time cable news networks. 

Destiny’s statement “I love the military-industrial complex!” elicited both cheers and boos from the audience both in Miami and on the livestream. “You can’t lead the world as a completely isolated country… We are more trustworthy because of this hated military complex. We’ve got the technology, and we’ve got the people who can take care of these deadly weapons.” Destiny continued, “We’ve got a large democracy that is relatively free of corruption. I trust the U.S. to handle these weapons better than 50 other countries in a fear of being invaded anytime.”

Scoffing at the idea of a democracy being “relatively free of corruption,” Cohen explained that “there is a difference between isolationism and non-interventionism,” explaining the “US military position right now is either you agree with us, or we punch you in the face” that leads to more confrontations and less peaceable outcomes. 

Being completely against this particular idea of foreign policy, Cohen went on to describe the US as “having this world policeman style of foreign policy,” and now “we’re watching how it’s failed” before listing off casualty numbers across the globe in recent foreign policy conflicts the US has caused or accelerated.

Destiny responded saying “there is room for criticism there.”

Their debate can be seen in full here.

Brian S. Lambrecht
Students For Liberty
[email protected]