MCLEAN, VA., August 29, 2022 – Students For Liberty will host a live discussion panel this Thursday, September 1 at 2pm EST on their Learn Liberty platform to discuss the current tax system in the U.S. and its connection with inflation with Martha Bueno and Brad Polumbo.

Bueno, a recent candidate for Miami-Dade County Commissioner and local entrepreneur, will give us insights into Miami’s attempt at solving the chronic traffic problems through taxation. Polumbo, a libertarian journalist and policy correspondent at the Foundation for Economic Education and co-host of the podcast Based Politics, will discuss his latest piece on taxing millennials. Together, Students For Liberty will bring these insights together to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act and its unintended consequences.

Last week, Bueno tweeted a story about her daughter getting her first working paycheck and complaining about how much in taxes was pulled out from it. Responding to other discussion in the same vein, she vented about the lack of consent from citizens on just how much money is taken from them, stating, “If they had to ask for consent they’d actually have to serve us, or no one would consent.”

More recently, Polumbo drew comparisons between the recent bank bailout of student loans, taxes, and the current inflation crisis. “This MUST mean more taxes, more debt (more taxes required to pay interest), or more money-printing (causing inflation, a stealth tax).” He continues, stating that taxpayers will end up being the ones who ultimately “pay for student debt ‘cancellation,’ directly or indirectly.”

Martha Bueno will be the host and emcee for LibertyCon International, the flagship event for Students For Liberty coming to the Hyatt Regency in Miami October 14-15. Registration for the event can be found at where you can register now to see other speakers including Rep. Nancy Mace, Former Rep. Justin Amash, and 2020 Libertarian VP Candidate Spike Cohen.

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Students For Liberty
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