MCLEAN, VA., August 11, 2022 – Students For Liberty (SFL) is proud to announce Congresswoman Nancy Mace from South Carolina’s 1st district will join us as one of the featured presenters at this year’s LibertyCon International on Saturday, October 15 in Miami. 

Rep. Mace made a name for herself being the second Republican ever to propose a bill to end the federal government’s 85-year prohibition on cannabis. In an interview with Forbes back in January on her proposal, she stated “This has been a very long, very painful, expensive, and harmful federal war… and when you look at the statistics, there are great disparities between Black and Brown and white communities. [Ending federal prohibition] would bring more opportunity and parity, and end and cure some of the grievances in the war on drugs.”

Earlier this week, Rep. Mace posted a Twitter thread drawing parallels between the current ongoing corruption investigations within government and the war on drugs and mass incarceration, stating that “politically-driven abuse happens when we allow government to take too much power and too much freedom away from its citizens.” Mace added, “We see abuses of civil liberties (the Patriot Act) and unconstitutional, dishonest, and biased use of the FISA court against Americans. We see it in the war on drugs and mass incarceration.”

Students For Liberty CEO Dr. Wolf von Laer welcomes Rep. Nancy Mace to the line-up, stating that Mace “has shown her willingness to speak out on an issue she truly believes in, even if it goes against her party’s position. This level of integrity is rare in a politician and we are looking forward to having her at our marquee event.” 

The largest pro-liberty student organization in the world with students active in 117 countries, Students For Liberty is very excited to announce the participation of Congresswoman Nancy Mace at the return of their flagship event LibertyCon International. The event will be held the weekend of October 14-15 at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, FL. Registration has already begun at where Nancy will be joined by other speakers such as former Congressman Justin Amash and 2020 Libertarian V.P. candidate Spike Cohen. 

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Brian S. Lambrecht
Students For Liberty
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