Tori K. Whiting

Tori K. Whiting, Jay Van Andel Trade Economist,
Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies,
Institute for Economic Freedom, The Heritage

Tori K. Whiting is the Jay Van Andel Trade Economist in
The Heritage Foundation’s Thomas A. Roe Institute for
Economic Policy Studies. She provides the conservative true
north on free trade through her research and writing.
Whiting specializes in analyzing the impacts of protectionist
trade policies on American businesses and consumers,
including Buy American and Buy America, steel tariffs, and

trade actions such as Sections 201, 232, and antidumping and countervailing duties.
Upon joining The Heritage Foundation in 2015, Whiting worked in the Center for International
Trade and Economics. She helped to write, edit, and promote Heritage’s premier annual
publication, the Index of Economic Freedom.
Before coming to Heritage, Whiting worked in the Michigan House of Representatives as an
intern and then Legislative Aide. She is a 2014 graduate of Heritage’s Young Leaders Program,
where she worked with the Center for Trade and Economics. Whiting was also a 2016 George C.
Marshall Fellow.
Whiting holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from James Madison Residential
College at Michigan State University. Whiting is currently pursuing a master’s degree in
international commerce and policy with a focus in global finance, investment, and trade at
George Mason University. Whiting is from Jackson, Michigan, and currently resides in
Washington, D.C.