Mark Pischea

Mark Pischea wears a number of hats – serving as President of the Conservative Energy Network, and also as Managing Partner of Sterling Corporation, a Republican political consulting firm locating in Lansing, Michigan.

Since helping to devise and launch the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum, the nation’s first state-based conservative clean energy organization, in 2013, Mark helped start similar efforts in North Carolina in 2014, then Ohio and Minnesota in 2015. Thinking they were on to something, Pischea next created the Conservative Energy Network in 2016 with an initial roster of 7 state teams. By the end of 2016, Mark and his team helped build CEN into a 19-state Network that has become the driving force behind the emerging conservative clean energy movement in state capitols across America.

A 35-year veteran of GOP campaigns, Mark served as Political Director for the Michigan Republican Party in the 1980s, and worked for President George H.W. Bush as Political Director for the Michigan Victory ’88 campaign. After helping to elect Governor John Engler in 1990, Mark moved to Capitol Hill, serving as Deputy Executive Director for the National Republican Congressional Committee – managing the Committee’s Campaign Division, which oversaw the GOP’s 435 congressional races in the Party’s historic 1992 election – the only time either Party gained seats in Congress while losing the White House.

Pischea then moved back to Michigan, working for several consulting firms before joining Sterling in 2010.

Mark earned his Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Political Science and History from Central Michigan University.