Dr. Caleb Rossiter

Since his days as a draft resister during the invasion of Viet Nam, Dr. Caleb Stewart Rossiter has
worked in opposition to the U.S. policy of dominating developing countries through military,
financial, and covert support for repressive governments. After a 20-year foreign policy career
in and around Congress, in 2002 he became a professor at American University of both foreign
policy and statistics. He retired in 2018. His experiences teaching African politics and climate
modeling led him to become one of the few prominent left-leaning critics of policies restricting
the generation of electricity, in the United States and particularly in Africa, because of fears of
fossil-fueled climate catastrophe.

In 2014 the Institute for Policy Studies fired Professor Rossiter as a fellow for criticizing its
opposition to fossil fuels. He has since traveled widely to speak against climate alarmism, both
as a fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and as a member of the Carbon Dioxide
Coalition, which he is representing in his talk at LibertyCon.

Caleb Rossiter is the author of a number of books, including The Turkey and the Eagle: The
Struggle for America's Global Role (2010) and Ain't Nobody Be Learnin' Nothin': The Fraud and
the Fix for High-Poverty Schools (2015). The last two titles were published by Algora
Publishing, which will release Rossiter's first novel, Patriotism: The Weathermen Bring the War
Home, in 2019.  Patriotism is a legal thriller about 1970’s crimes by a violent anti-imperialist
group that are solved during the Trump administration.