Congressman Justin Amash

Justin Amash is the U.S. representative for Michigan’s Third Congressional District. He serves as
chairman of the House Liberty Caucus, and he is a founding member and current board member of the
House Freedom Caucus.

As an ardent defender of Americans’ civil liberties, Justin has been a leading critic of the unconstitutional
mass surveillance of Americans’ communications. He also believes government overspending is one of
the biggest threats to our economic health and national security, and he has introduced an innovative
balanced budget amendment—the Business Cycle Balanced Budget Amendment—to control
government spending and reduce the national debt.

When asked by a New York Times reporter to describe his voting methodology, Justin explained: “I
follow a set of principles, I follow the Constitution. And that’s what I base my votes on. Limited
government, economic freedom, and individual liberty.”

Justin is a member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (OGR) and serves on the
OGR subcommittees on National Security and Information Technology.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Michigan and a juris doctor from the
University of Michigan Law School. Justin worked for his family’s business, as a business lawyer, and as a
Michigan state representative before his election to Congress.