Chris Rufer

Chris Rufer founded the Morning Star Company in 1970 as a one truck owner-operator, hauling tomatoes to canneries throughout California’s Central Valley.  Since then, Chris has transformed the tomato processing industry.  The processing facilities and techniques he designed and innovated has led to Morning Star Company producing a majority of the U.S. ingredient tomato paste and diced tomatoes in North America.

Chris has been an outspoken advocate for liberty over the course of his life, going so far as to organize his company on the foundations of libertarian principles—what he calls Self-Management.  He co-founded the Self-Management Institute in 2008 to create and refine the principles, systems and practices that will cultivate a superior organizational structure and happier, more productive colleagues.  

Chris also sits on the board of two nonprofit organizations dedicated to advancing libertarian principles – the Advocates for Self-Government and the Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity.